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Chi Omega Classic Oval Sticker

Size of sorority sticker 3" x 2". M&D Sorority Gifts Exclusive Design. Our Chi Omega stickers look great on just about anything. We have thought of a few but we are sure you can think of a lot more!
  • Laptops, notebooks, memo boards, binders, folders, etc.
  • Put Chi Omega stickers on your sorority sisters and make them smile :).
  • DonÌÎ_ÌÎ_̴Ìöt love the logos on your stuff?ÌÎ_ÌÎ__ cover them up with Chi Omega stickers.
  • Start a sticker collection on a bin or tote you want to keep your Chi Omega stuff in when you graduate college.
  • Do you ride a bike around campus? Want to make sure you can easily find yours (great theft prevention) cover it in Chi Omega stickers!

Chi Omega Big & Little Gift Ideas using Chi Omega Stickers

  • Cover an inexpensive canvas from the craft store with your favorite Chi Omega stickers. Instant Chi Omega art! It would make a super cute gift for your little!
  • Cover an inexpensive clipboard from the craft store with your favorite Chi Omega stickers. It would make a super cute gift for your little!

Chi Omega Chapter Ideas

Fun inexpensive gifts. Great for chapters with very small budgets. Use them on notebooks, gift boxes, gift bags. Give them with a card for an inexpensive gift. Bulk discount pricing available.


Have tried one of these great ideas? Or have a great idea of your own. Send your pictures to sales@manddsororitygifts.com subject Sticker Contest for a chance to win $50 gift card.
Embrace the official colors of Chi Omega, cardinal red and straw. Red makes a bold statement and can evoke strong emotions. Let red make its statement by adding plenty of crisp white and black to the room. Decorating with red doesn’t have to be scary. Think about your wardrobe. What do you pair your favorite red shirt with? So next time you are shopping for your Chi Omega dorm room think would I wear these two colors together? Would these look nice hanging together in my closet. Too much red can evoke a since of anger or irritability. Small amounts of red can evoke feelings of love, warmth, and comfort. Stick to the basics of pyramid decorating. Start your foundation with shades of neutrals, add darker neutrals and black to anchor the room and let red be that pop of color that takes it from drab to awesome!



Send a Chi Omega gift to a dorm room or sorority house.Looking for a special CHIO gift. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful piece of Chi Omega jewelry. Why is it so popular? One size fits all. No worrying if it is going to fit. It is practical and it is something they will use often. Looking for something personalized? You will love our Chi Omega blankets, glass jewelry boxes, glass picture frames, all which can be personalized. One of our favorite Chi Omega gift baskets to send for new members is a dorm decor gift basket. Sometimes they can't wear their letters till they are initiated but they can decorate their rooms. Find something they will love! Shop exclusive Chi Omega merchandise only available at M&D Sorority Gifts. - CREATE A GIFT BASKET FROM YOUR SHOPPING CART -

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Shopping for: Daughter / Granddaughter / Niece
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Bought this for my adopted granddaughter who just became a Chi-O

Shopping for: Daughter / Granddaughter / Niece
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Shopping for: Daughter / Granddaughter / Niece
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