Chi Omega Bag . Heart

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Chi Omega tote with Large Heart with Greek Letters in the center Our Chi Omega bag with reinforced, long handles for easy carry by hand or over-the-shoulder. Very budget friendly, cute, and practical.

Is is a gift? DonÌ_Ì_åÈt forget to pack your Chi Omega Bag with all things Chi Omega. The perfect size Chi Omega bag for a trip to the gym, a trip to the grocery, or traveling. Our Chi Omega tote folds to a small size for easy storage in your luggage and ready for when you need it when you are traveling. How do you plan on using your Chi Omega totes?

  • Chi Omega tote measures approx. 16x15.
  • Bag features long handles for over the should carrying.
  • A M&D Sorority Gifts Exclusive Design.

Chapter discounts available.