Alpha Xi Delta Tote Bag . Greek Words I Hemp

Alpha Xi Delta Tote Bag . Greek Words I Hemp

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Alpha Xi Delta hemp tote bag, the perfect book bag. Shown with several sorority folders and our large sorority sweatshirt blanket, nice and roomy. Hemp products are preferred because they are long lasting and have very small ecological footprint.

  • Made of 55% hemp and 45% cotton
  • Long handle for easy carrying.
  • Large bag measures 26 inches. Great for books and other heavy objects because of the size and the durability of hemp.
  • M&D Sorority Gifts Exclusive product.
  • Design: screen printed Greek Words

Hemp bags (Quote from Innovation and Information for Sustainable Living) Hemp is known to be one of the most eco-friendly fibers on earth. Its roots grow deep into the soil thereby controlling the soil erosion. It grows very fast and in abundance thus leaving little scope for the growth of any weeds or unwanted grasses in between the crop. It does not require any extra support from irrigation or fertilizers and pesticides for growing. It is known to produce comparatively more crop per acre than flax or cotton. The hemp fibers are long and durable and hence are better option for spinning as compared to cotton.