Alpha Delta Pi Sweatpants . Open Leg . Two Layer

Alpha Delta Pi Sweatpants featuring open leg, pockets, and stitched Greek Letters.

Brand: Alpha Delta Pi


Boyfriend Style Alpha Delta Pi sweatpants with two layer twill stitched Greek Letters! Alpha Delta Pi clothing you want! Open leg (not elastic bottom), 2 front pockets & drawstring....Read more

  • $34.98



Alpha Delta Pi Sweatpants With Two Layer stitched Greek Letters down leg.

Alpha Delta Pi sweatpants comfortable and stylish all in one. Features four inch Greek Letters with commercially satin stitched twill letters. 

  • Drawstring Greek Sweatpants.
  • Open leg style boyfriend style sweatpants.
  • Pockets for all your sorority stuff.
  • Offical Alpha Delta Pi clothing.


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