Alpha Delta Pi Sweatpants . Capri . Two Layer

Alpha Delta Pi Sweatpants with Stitched Greek Twill Letters Blue letters with white trim

Brand: Alpha Delta Pi


Traditional Alpha Delta Pi sweatpants with two layer twill stitched Greek Letters! Alpha Delta Pi clothing you want! Must have capri length let’s you scrunch without the bulk....Read more

  • $39.98



Alpha Delta Pi Sweatpants with TWO LAYER Greek Letters

Capri Style Alpha Delta Pi sweatpants. Alpha Delta Pi clothing that is comfortable and stylish all in one. Features four inch Greek Letters with commercially satin stitched twill letters. New style features an awesome left front pocket with a zipper closure large enough for a smart phone. The new style makes this the ultimate Alpha Delta Pi sweatpants!

  • Elastic bottom for scrunching to the knee. 
  • Constructed from soft 60/40 cotton and polyester fleece. 
  • Features a wide waistband and roomy fit. 
  • Front zipper pocket.


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