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Sorority Shorts (Select Sorority)

Sorority Shorts to Stock Up On

Let’s face it — the shorter the shorts, the more leg you show off, the longer your frame will appear. For comfort and to balance the shortness of the shorts be sure to wear them a little looser around the thighs.

While the Nike shorts style are the staple of every college girl’s closet, so to is it for the sorority girl’s closet… flattering on almost everyone, and super comfortable. Our black and white version is available with white Greek Letters stitched on the front. Must have sorority shorts that should be in every sorority girl’s closet.

Next, we have the ever comfortable, flattering cheerleading knit style shorts. Available in several styles, select from Greek Letters, Greek monogram, and more. If you only have two of these in your sorority closet, you will need the grey with white stitched Greek letters, a staple that will go with the abundant number of sorority event t-shirts hanging in your sorority closet. Shorts are made of 50/50 jersey knit with a v-notch leg for extra comfort and style. Affordably priced under $20 making these everyday Greek shorts perfect for wearing to the gym and class. Complete the look with any of our sorority t-shirts in short sleeves or long sleeves.


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