The Low-Down on Big-Little

As a charter member of my chapter I was never lucky enough to get a big, but getting my little was by far one of the top five best moments of my entire sorority experience. However, big-little can be a “little” bit of an overwhelming time, especially for first-time bigs. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure your big-little experience is the most amazing that it can possibly be!

  1.  Plan ahead: You should start putting items aside for your future little at least a month or two before you even know her name. This will greatly reduce your stress levels the week leading up to big-little week; even if your professors happen to schedule all your exams then and you have a paper to write you will still have the stuff for your little covered.
  2.  Do not over-craft: That does not mean do not need to craft at all…your little definitely needs some cute canvases and framed creeds and coasters to help decorate her dorm room…however it is important to remember the size of her dorm room. Try not to go over ten to fifteen crafts: that gives her plenty to keep for herself and plenty for her to pass down to your future G-Little. With that being said…
  3. Be Practical: Get your little stuff that she can get a lot of use out of. A great option would be a super cute canvas tote for her to carry her books in such as this one or a classic letter shirt such as this one are two perfect options that you absolutely cannot go wrong with!
  4. Remember Your Favorite Gifts From Your Big: There is a good chance that is something that your little would like too! For example, my twin got me a picture frame that I absolutely loved so I made sure that I gave my little one too! Thinking about the gifts that you received is a great way to get ideas. And finally…
  5. Relax!: Remember, your little is going to be so excited to have you in her life and she is going to love you to pieces no matter what. Do not drive yourself crazy sweating the small stuff, the week is going to mean so much to her no matter what!



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