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Sorority Crafting with Greek Letters & Rhinestones

Alpha Sigma Tau Craft with Greek Letters

Our featured sorority craft video showcases our 8″ and 12″ Greek Letters and our wood anchor all available at M&D Sorority Gifts with step by step instructions for creating this sorority craft.

Notice the rhinestones, the two different size Greek letters and the sorority symbol in the middle of the twelve inch Greek Letter.

Also, the Greek Letter Alpha has been flipped with the wider side on the opposite side. While you can still tell it is “Alpha” but it help balance the look of the Greek Letter set by flipping it over this of course is optional.

Watch the instructional video and follow the steps below for making your very own DIY Greek Letters for hanging on your sorority wall!

Greek Letter Craft with 12" wood Greek Letters.

Step 1: Buy your Greek Letters at M&D Sorority Gifts.

Shop for 4″ Wood Greek Letters.
Shop for 6″ Wood Greek Letters.
Shop for 8″ Wood Greek Letters.
Shop for 12″ Wood Greek Letters.

Painting Greek Letter featuring 12" wood Greek Letters.

Step 2: Paint your Greek Letters the color of your choice.  A paper plate works great for your color palette. An old shopping bag is perfect for protecting the surface you are painting on. For a fun project like in this video, use an 8″ Greek Letter for the first and third letter and the middle use a 12″ Greek Letter. We have chosen 8″ Alpha, Tau and 12″ Sigma for this project.

Sorority Craft Project with anchor and 12" Greek Letters.

Step 3: Add a sorority symbol or mascot to your Greek Letters. Several sorority wood symbols and mascots are available at M&D Sorority Gifts browse our complete collection. We have chosen an 6" wood anchor for this project.

Step 4: Paint your wood sorority symbol or mascot a contrasting color to the color chosen for your 12″ Greek Letter.

Step 5: Once your Greek Letters have dried, decide if you want dots or stripes on any of your letters and paint them on at this time.

Step 6: Using glue attach the Greek symbol or mascot to the center of the 12″ Greek Letter.

Sorority Craft using rhinestones and wood Greek Letters.

Step 7: Using glue attach craft rhinestones to the edge of the 12″ Greek Letter. Instead of rhinestones, you could use buttons, bottle caps, beads or any other small decorative objects you have in your sorority craft closet.

Step 8:  Add hanging hardware if you want to hang your sorority craft on the wall. We offer to options for craft hardware at M&D Sorority Gifts the hangar with screws and the hook screw-ins.  The benefits of using a hangar back with screws is that it is hidden and will not be seen when hanging on the wall. However, it requires a screwdriver to attach which most sorority girls do not have on hand in the dorm rooms. However, if this is the option for you check with your Sorority Mom at your Sorority House. Our most popular sorority hanging hardware by far is our Hook Screw-Ins which require no tools and are easily screwed into wood Greek Letters and symbols at the top. An added benefit is that they look super cute with grosgrain ribbon threaded through them perfect for hanging your sorority craft on the wall.

Instructional Video by Tessa for M&D Sorority Gifts. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. You may link to this page but please give credit to Tessa and M&D Sorority Gifts when sharing. Thank you

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