#GirlsCan: Women Empowerment
40% of our female senators were in a sorority
— Fortune (@FortuneMagazine) October 27, 2014
40% of our female senators were in a sorority. Have you ever wondered why? Sorority life empowers young women to become leaders not only in their chapters but on campus and in their communities. Sisterhood and sorority life gives young women the skills to interact within that community and grow to be powerful confident individuals. Confident young women are successful young women. 
No matter what your political views are as a fellow woman you have to love that Hillary is running for the presidency. If you asked me to give you two words that best reflect what sorority and sisterhood means in my opinion I couldn’t have said it any better than Covergirl… Girls Can! Sisterhood is about empowering and encouraging each other to follow our dreams and be the best woman we can be. Do we have great times along the way. You betcha! (LOL)  #GirlsCan 
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