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Cheers to: Your Sorority Best Friend

Sorority Best Friends - Throwing What You Know

She may not like the same things too, and she probably is not in your sorority family. She may not be the same age as you or the same major and she may not have come from the same hometown. From the outside looking in you may have differences…you might not have been friends since the day you got your bid…and that is all okay.

Somewhere along the way, in my case her Facebook messaging me about getting involved on campus and me replying to her post on our chapter’s Facebook group about her needing a roommate a few months later, she walks into your life. And somehow, despite any of the differences listed above or any other differences that you may have you end up bonding. Maybe over sarcasm or disliking the same things or people and soon enough she is your roommate or your chapter buddy or the first person that you call when you may be in trouble. 

Your sorority may be what initially brought you together and what helped you to learn each other’s name but you know that your friendship will continue long after the chapter meetings stop or when you walk across the stage at graduation; she is your quat or diamond or anchor or shamrock buddy for life, the person who is going to be “throwing what you know” with you at your wedding.

If you are reading this and a person immediately pops into your head, whether it has been two days or twenty years since you have seen them be sure to thank them. College may be a huge headache at times, but they were always your Tylenol to cure it.



Dedicated to Molly, who is often the only person who I “can even” with.


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