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Dressing for Success: Sorority Style & State of Mind

As sorority girls, we’re used to wearing pin attire. It usually means ironing and waking up 20 minutes earlier than usual. While giving up that little bit of beauty sleep seems like a big sacrifice, do the benefits outweigh the costs? Here are some of the benefits to dressing up?

  • It honors your house.

o   By dressing up when you wear your badge, it shows that you respect the emblem that you are wearing along with all the years of tradition that have made your house what it is today.

  • It gives you confidence.

o   I know that whenever I’m wearing pin attire I feel better about myself. Sometimes that’s just the confidence you need to take on that test or walk into the dining hall alone and make some new friends. It has the ability to give you the idea that you can take on the world.

  It forces you to get up more that 15 minutes before class. 

o   We can always use those few extra minutes we have when dressing up- whether it means time to do a morning devotional, eat breakfast, or not fall back asleep when you get to class so easily, the few minutes are always helpful.

But what if I told you that there is an even better reason to dress up for class on a more regular basis than pin day?

            It honors your professors and fellow students. Imagine if your professor came into class in his PJs with his hair a mess…That would be unprofessional and he would basically be saying that you aren’t worth the few extra minutes it would take to get ready. Unfortunately, this is what we say to the professor every time we come to class looking like a rag-a-muffin. Professors have spent a lot of time and money to learn in order to teach the next generation- the least we can do is respect their time- this includes looking prepared for class. College and Greek life serve as a wonderful opportunity to network for the future, and dressing like it is an important way to prepare for that.  Also, remember that you are always wearing letters, even when you aren’t physically wearing them. Professors remember that kind of stuff (even when we think they don’t!). 

             Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to wear heals everyday, just think about avoiding the sweatpants and tennis shoes look. Here are some examples of what you could wear instead!

Sorority Look - Skirt, t-shirt, and sandalsSorority Clothing Don' forget the pearls

So, next time you go to grab those leggings, think about how important your education is and how you can honor the people that are helping you achieve it. Reach for that Ralph Lauren button down and Downy wrinkle release spray instead. Later you will be happy you did. 

-English Hinton