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Organize Your Sigma Kappa Closet I Back to College Tips

Create the Ultimate Sigma Kappa Closet with Sigma Kappa Clothing to Love

Tip #1: Organize your hanging Sigma Kappa clothing. Use thin hangers to utilize space. Group Sigma Kappa clothing by category―t-shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, dress tops, pants, jacketsto make putting together outfits easier. Group Sigma Kappa clothes by color, from light to dark to make creating outfits easier.

Tip #2: Create additional shelving with shelves that hang from the clothing rod. Use for Sigma Kappa sweatshirts, sweaters and other items that might stretch when hanging. Plus, your favorite Sigma Kappa leggings, sweatpants, pajama pants shorts.

Tip #3: Organize the top of the closet. Shelf dividers prevent leaning towers of Sigma Kappa clothing. Also, canvas bins & buckets can bring order to an overpacked closet use to collect odds and ends such as tote bags, purses, scarves, work-out clothes, and out of season Sigma Kappa clothes and shoes. 

Final Tip: Labeling will help prevent disorganization in the long run. Label the hanging sections of clothing so when laundry day rolls around you know exactly where everything should be hung. Label bins and baskets so items can easily be found and put away.

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