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Do More Next Semester


Today I want to write to yall about some things I hope do to more of next semester, and I hope you will as well!

Living the College Life
1) Make friends outside of your dorm. Dorm life is really great, and there are many advantages to being close with your hallmates, but don’t be so close that you forget to make other friends as well. Meet that girl in your Biology class for lunch- you might end up making a new friend!   And that leads us to our second point…

2) Don’t be afraid to invite yourself to things.

This is college, it’s not like inviting yourself to spend the night at a friends house. More often than not, we aren’t invited to things just because people don’t know we want to come. So next time some of your friends say they are headed to lunch, don’t be afraid to say, “Mind if I join?” If they want some alone time they wont be afraid to tell you, but usually they will answer, “Of course!”

3) Try remembering people’s names and use it when talking to them.Create new friendships in college When I was visiting my school as a perspective, I met a girl named Hannah. Hannah was basically the perfect person- pretty, smart, and everyone loved her. (She is actually the main reason I wanted to join my sorority, but anyway…) I was sure she wouldn’t remember me, but when I was visiting again a few months later, she came up to me in the union and said “Hey English! Can’t wait until you are here in the fall!” That just warmed my heart so much! So, one of my goals for next semester is to use people’s names in conversation- I’m lets them know that you remember them and really care. 

4) Reach out to freshman.

Remember when that upperclassman reached out to you when you were a freshman? Be that person to someone else.

5) Become a dorm minimalist.

Not knowing how much I would actually need, I brought way to much stuff to school my freshman year. So next semester I’m going to try cutting back a lot more! So, fewer pictures, fewer books, and fewer clothes. But, in order to still have some décor, try to keep things white or silver to make your room look larger. Here is one of the things from M&D Sorority gifts that I’d love to have in my room next semester!

Sorority Decorating - Framed Artwork & Signs

What are some things you want to do differently next semester?