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College in the Fall of 2020? Sorority Life in 2020?

Colleges around the nation are asking themselves will the students come back? If students in Texas and Georgia are any indication, students are ready to go back to college! The question remains how to go back safely?

Where will the freshmen go this year? Will safety protocols play a role in parents and students college selections this fall? What are some universities planning to keep students safe this fall? Notre Dame as well as most universities are going to require face coverings in the public and social distancing. Several universities are looking at creating "pod like atmosphere" which would essential become your "university family unit". Others are looking at reducing the number of students on campus at a time, creating longer days, shortening the semester to end around Thanksgiving, installing automatic faucets, toilet flushing, door openers, apps for reporting temperature checks and symptoms, and so much more. You can expect walking traffic flow inside campus buildings as well as campus grounds.

Will a reduction in students attending classes on campus affect sorority membership? It remains to be seen however sisterhood and membership in a sorority will be vital for young women in 2020. Sororities provide that instant family unit away from home. As students fight isolation and burnout from online classes and the lack of face to face interaction, having a safe sorority family unit will be critical in keeping away the blues and increasing the chances of student success in 2020. 

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