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Alpha Chi Omega Shorts I 4 Tips for the Smoothest Legs this Summer

Tip #1 --- Exfoliate!   
Exfoliation brings those short hairs trapped under dead skin to surface and gets more hairs on the same growth cycle so you shave less often. 

Tip #2 --- The Blade Matters!   
Use a razor with multiple blades or a new razor every time.  Going  on a trip and want to shave less use new blades!

Tip #3 --- Soy & Shea Butter Lotion!   
Hydrate with Soy Lotion!  Studies have shown that soy is effective in stunting hair growth and shrinking the hair shaft’s diameter. 

Tip #4 --- Try a Sugar Scrub!   
Sugar has be shown to slow hair growth by aggravating pores. Plus it leaves your skin feeling smooth. On a tight college budget? Make your own with some sugar packets and fresh lemons from the cafeteria, add a little water and scrub away!


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